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34” Longboard Living Drop (lite)

34” Longboard Living Drop (lite)

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The Drop 34” is also known as a kid friendly, “Short Longboard” as it has a compact length with a full-size setup like a longboard. The deck is made from bamboo and maple and assembled the 180mm trucks and 60mm wheels. 

recommended for smaller size and weight riders 

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DIMENSIONS: 34" x 9"

DECK STYLE: Double Drop

TRUCKS: 180mm Longboard Living trucks

WHEELS: 70mm 78a Longboard Living Wheels

SYMMETRY: Fully symmetrical

Why We Like It

A shorter deck makes for a smaller wheelbase and a quicker, more responsive and sharper turn. The double-drop style still makes this board super easy to push around while wide trucks and big wheels keep you stable and carving hard. This board can be super fun for riding around city streets as it's so nimble and quick to turn!

Who's It For?

This board is perfect for smaller individuals who may not need the extra real-estate that comes with a full-size board. It will allow for added leverage and control for those with smaller feet and is inherently very nimble by design. This is also a great first board, as the low ride height along with stable trucks and big wheels make learning to push and carve a breeze without having to worry about road imperfections.