About Us

Longboard Living was established in 2008 by Ryan Rubin, a local Toronto skater inspired to share his passion for skating with the local community. As Ryan found himself pushing more and more in his everyday life, he started to envision a skate brand focused on providing efficient, reliable drop decks to Urban Commute skaters. The first runs of LL boards were sourced from small batch board builders around Ontario, with local Toronto artists commissioned to paint custom graphics on them, creating a series of setups that feel just as good under your feet as they look on your walls.

As Longboard Living boards grew in popularity and the brand integrated itself into the local scene, a new desire for a physical space to sell and socialize in arose. In 2010, the Kensington storefront was opened, helping solidify the shop as a staple in the longboard skate scene. The shop front operates as a community hub for the longboard riders and Kensingtonites alike. The store also hosts weekly Side Street Surfing cruises, sponsors community sessions and events, as well as offering lessons and workshops for beginners trying to get into the scene. After opening, the store quickly expanded its inventory from painted longboards to industry brands with products offered for a variety of disciplines from downhill and freeride to dancing and street skateboards.

In 2012, as the shop’s identity continued to solidify, the Longboard Living brand evolved with the creation of a custom deck mold and a new partnership with a top North American board factory. Tapping into Ryan’s original vision of a commuter focused skate brand, the lineup featured custom pressed drop decks mounted on premium aftermarket trucks, wheels and bearings. Today, the lineup provides the shop a reliable baseline board that is accessible, affordable, and super fun to ride.

Since then, the shop has continued to build its carefully curated collection of gear to shift with the changing needs of the Toronto skate scene. Today, beyond our branded boards, we offer gear from industry leading brands like Zenit, Loaded, Arbor, Landyachtz, Rayne and more. Having diversified from our original commute and downhill focus, the shop has a wide selection of dancers, street decks, e-boards and every accessory you could need at a session. No matter what your ride style is, we can help you identify your needs and then find gear that can best suit them.