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LL Double Drop 34" - Pro Complete

LL Double Drop 34" - Pro Complete

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This setup is intended for long-distance pushing! Pairing our shorter 34" Double Drop deck with Independent TKP trucks and Orangatang Kegels gives you a low, smooth and turny ride that allows for effortless pushing.


Coming at 34", this deck is smaller than our traditional 38" Double Drop shape. It has a flatter concave allowing for more comfort and the ability to move your feet around more easily. The shorter wheelbase makes the turn radius much smaller and the overall shorter size makes this board super easy to carry around and store.


159mm TKP trucks from independent allow for big-wheel clearance, divey turns and a super low ride. Independent trucks are tried and true. Our staff had a blast on these trucks with this setup and we're sure you will too.


80mm 80a Kegels from Orangatang are tall and grippy. They roll fast and over road imperfections with ease. Sharp lips provide traction when making those tight, divey turns. The big core minimizes the weight of these big wheels and makes it as easy as possible to push. The soft durometer helps absorb vibrations from the road but is still firm enough to withstand big hits and is quite resistant to chunking.  

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