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Caliber Precision Trucks

Caliber Precision Trucks

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Caliber III Precision trucks are sold as single trucks. Order one of each truck that you want for your setup.

The Precision Caliber III has hanger width of 125mm with a spacebale option to 135mm and baseplate options of:

  • 50 degree pink
  • 44 degree blue 
  • 30 degree green 
  • 25 degree purple

These trucks speak to the trend towards narrow hangers and mixed degree baseplates preferred by high performance riders. Caliber has dialed into this sweet spot by providing a range of high quality parts interchangeable to meet rider demand at an affordable price compared to other precision trucks.

These trucks have been tested over the past year by some of the fastest riders in the world and the feedback has allowed us to put final touches on our best truck ever.

Made with pre-hardened 6061-T6 aluminum billet, down to 0.01mm tolerances, and finished with machined & self-lubricating Delrin pivots, 4140 hardened high-strength axles, a tuned bushing setup stock, these trucks are some of the best money can buy.

Now that you know all about how awesome we think these trucks are we can’t wait for you to try them and have fun with your friends on the hill!

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