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74mm Cuei Killer 80a Yellow

74mm Cuei Killer 80a Yellow

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The Cuei Killers are the debut the downhill race shape from Cuei Wheels. they are available in two different urethane formulas, Powerthane and Flowthane. The 80a Flowthane Killers in red are some of the most fun race wheels on the market when fresh. Once they lose their skin, they become super consistent fast freeride wheels with a shreddy slide, still holding enough around corners so that you are not losing your line.

The other urethane formula available from Cuei is the Powerthane. Powerthane is the more aggresive, higher rebound urethane. Available in 4 different durometers. The hardest durometer, the 82a Orange Killers provide the fastest roll speed that we have felt. These wheels have great grip despite their hard durometer. The next durometer down, the 80a Yellow Killers are a very well balanced wheel performing well in hot and cold weather and having a very consistent on top of the pavement slide on all types of asphalt.

These wheels are tried and true race wheels and are definitely a team favorite and have been on top of many podiums. Getting to the softer durometers, the 77a Green Killers are a great options for curvy roads where you are drifting but straight line speed is very important still. With a very snappy and predictable slide you wont find yourself getting left in the dust on these wheels. Our very grippiest and smoothest sliding race wheel is the 75a White Killers.

These wheels are quickly becoming a favorite for people looking for vice like grip and perfect hook up. You wont find yourself scrubbing on these wheels with skin. All of the Cuei powerthane wheels have insane durability. We genuinely have a hard time wearing these resilient hunks of urethane down.

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