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Longboard Living Double Drop 38" Complete

Longboard Living Double Drop 38" Complete

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Our signature style 38" Double Drop Complete is designed for; beginners, commuters and more advanced riding styles. This all around board is low to the ground and stable to make pushing easy and the ride more comfortable.


Pressed with a 1" drop deck, concave and drop through truck mounts.

Fully symmetrical to ride either way with cutouts around the wheels for deep carves.

Setup with 180mm longboard trucks, 70mm longboard wheels + bearings.

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DIMENSIONS: 38" x 10"

DECK STYLE: 1" Drop w/ drop-through mounting

TRUCKS: Longboard Living 180mm RKP

WHEELS: Longboard Living 70mm 78a

SYMMETRY: Fully symmetrical

Why We Like It

This board can do it all. It's low ride height and wide, stable standing platform makes for ultimate versatility.

Great for exerting less energy with each push on your commute, carving and pumping hard thanks to the symmetrical cutouts and even rip down hills with confidence and stability! A true jack-of-all trades.

Who's It For?

The Double Drop 38" is often the first board we recommend to beginners and commuters. This is due to the large, stable standing platform and the super-low ride height, making it easier to push and takes the strain off your front leg after a prolonged period of riding.