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104A 58mm Powell Peralta Yuppie Skateboard Wheels Slide Formula

104A 58mm Powell Peralta Yuppie Skateboard Wheels Slide Formula

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104A 58mm Powell Yuppie is a fresh pro model from Brazillian tech slide legends The Yuppies. Tech sliding is the bridge between street and downhill, using standard street set-ups to do controlled and stylish descents down hills, doing technical spins, manuals, or flip tricks while maintaining as much speed as possible.

The Yuppies consist of father and icon Sergio alongside his two sons Fernando and Junior. Sergio has been a pioneer in the downhill scene for decades, most known for throwing sparks from his helmet as he grind it against the road (intentionally) during his glove down slides. Today, he runs his shop Curva de Hill (Hillcurve) in Floriánopolis, dispensing gear to one of the most skilled skate scenes in the world. Fernando and Junior have carried on their fathers legacy, consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible with four wheels and some gravity.

This wheel's “Slide Formula” is hand picked by the Yuppies to be extremely durable against flatspotting and abrasion, fast rolling, and with a moderate edge grip that locks in when you need it to. The formula is similar to the 84b BONES SkatePark formula, but used in a particular size and shape to work best for this type of skating. Get creative and enjoy the slide!

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