Longboard Dance (Group)

Unleash your inner dancer on wheels! Join our beginner-friendly longboard dancing class where you'll explore the fundamentals of this fun and expressive riding style. In a supportive group setting, you'll learn:

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Here's What You'll Learn:

1. Board knowledge

Get comfortable with your dance longboard, understanding its specific features and how to set it up for dancing. We'll also cover essential safety gear.

2. Finding your balance

Master the art of staying steady on your board while stationary and in motion, building a strong foundation for dance moves.

3. Footwork finesse

Learn basic footwork techniques like stepping, shuffling, and nose/tail placement, all crucial for smooth dancing transitions.

4. Carving your way

Discover how to control your board with subtle weight shifts and body language, allowing for graceful turns and maneuvers.

5. Intro to dance moves

We'll introduce some beginner-friendly dance steps like the cross-step ghost-ride and Peter Pan, letting you experience the joy of longboard dancing.