Downhill Longboard (Group)

Calling all thrill seekers! This introductory group lesson will equip you with the fundamental skills to conquer hills and carve your own path on a longboard, all in a safe and controlled environment.

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Here's What You'll Learn:

1. Gearing Up

We'll cover the essential safety gear for downhill and freeride riding, including a full-face helmet, padded protection, and slide gloves. You'll also get familiar with different longboard setups optimized for speed and control.

2. Balance at Speed

Learn how to maintain stability while cruising downhill, including proper posture, stance adjustments, and weight distribution techniques to handle changing terrain.

3. Cornering with Confidence

Discover how to navigate turns with precision and control. This includes learning different carving techniques, how to read the road, and proper body positioning for aggressive maneuvers.

4. Braking for Control

Stopping safely is paramount. We'll explore various downhill braking techniques, like controlled slides (heelside/toeside) and using brakes (if applicable), teaching you how to slow down progressively and confidently.

5. Introduction to Downhill Positioning

Learn the basics of tucking and aerodynamic body positioning, maximizing speed and control on descents.