Pro Complete Series Available Now!

Pro Complete Series Available Now!

Our staff have been hard at work to bring you a series of completes made with the highest-end decks, trucks, wheels and bearings, carefully selected to go flawlessly together and excel at each board's respective style of skating. Featuring boards from Zenit, Moonshine, Loaded and Landyachtz, trucks from Paris and Independent and wheels from Powell, Orangatang, 88WheelCo, Cloudride and Hawgs. Each and every component will be coming from a well-respected and established manufacturer. They are priced higher than our regular completes for that reason, but you are truly getting the quality out of what you pay for. 

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Zenit Rocket V3 - Pro Complete


Let's go over a few highlights of this collection:

First up, the Zenit AB Maze 2.0 is set up to excel at long-distance pushing (LDP). Push effortlessly around town and down the street on a complete that rolls forever! This cruise-oriented, double-drop setup is low to the ground and maintains momentum. A maple deck construction allows for a slight flex while still reducing the chance of bottoming out. 

Zenit AB Maze - Pro Complete

90mm Hurricane wheels from Cloud Ride are tall, skinny and soft coming in at a 78a durometer. This allows for maximum roll speed, minimum friction and a nice, plush ride that holds momentum, allowing you to conserve energy with each push. These wheels eat up road imperfections like nothing else. 

Narrow 149mm Paris Street Trucks are made of high-grade cast aluminum and give this board quick and divey turns while preventing wheel bite and allowing you to run even super large wheels at a low ride height!


Next, also from Zenit is the Mini Marble DK. We've set up this board to slay those freeride spots, while making the cruise there fun and comfortable.

Zenit Mini Marble DK - Pro Complete

A double-kick deck gives you the ability to pop up and down curbs and slash some city alleys, allowing you to be as creative with your tricks as you can.

Paris V3, Purple Tide

Paris V3s are amazing for any kind of riding. They carve, are stable at speed and give you the precision required for blasting out high-speed slides.

88WheelCo Moonwalkers

Moonwalker wheels are excellent both at cruising and fast freeride with a smooth, satisfying slide.


The Loaded Icarus has always been a long-lasting fan favorite. 


Loaded Icarus - Pro Complete

Drop-through truck mounting for stability and easier pushing. Cambered profile and variable edge concave create a lively and precise riding experience. Cutouts combine with flared wheel wells to maximize clearance for big wheels and allow deep carves and tight turns. Minimal nose and tail kicks help navigate city streets and open the door for freestyle trickery.

Orangatang 4President

Orangatang 4President wheels are tall, grippy and soft giving you maximum hold out of those carves as well as comfort and vibration dampening over rough city streets. 

The V3s are produced using Paris’ new, proprietary alloy forming process, which utilizes techniques derived from casting, extrusion and forging. This gives the V3 a molecular structure that provides strength far beyond any other cast truck on the market.


The list doesn't end there though, we've also setup a Landyachtz Schooner with RKP trucks and fast freeride wheels to create a cruiser with longboard capabilities, as well as the fully waterproof Moonshine Elixer with Powell Snakes for a Downhill / Freeride / Dance hybrid!

Landyachtz Schooner - Pro Complete

 Moonshine Elixer - Pro Complete

Check out the rest of our collection on our site, under the Pro-Complete tab! We've got a pro board for just about every rider style and if not, come in the shop and we'd be more than happy to put something together that suits your unique needs!

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