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Landyachtz Schooner Sine Wave 33" - Pro Complete

Landyachtz Schooner Sine Wave 33" - Pro Complete

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A long wheelbase cruiser board made in small numbers using a maple, fibreglass and epoxy construction. Born from the desire for a different style cruiser board that pairs a longboard feel, in a compact package. The Schooner doesn’t subscribe to a specific riding style and will be a lot of fun in any situation you find yourself in. With a unique design and an all-new board for 2023, the Schooner is truly a work of art, structurally and visually. Setup with RKP trucks and fast freeride wheels, this pro-complete redefines the cruiser board.

Length: 32.9"
Width: 9"
Wheelbase: 18.9"


A longer wheelbase makes it more capable of riding fast. The snappy flex acts in multiple ways: it allows you to pump through your turns, and it dampens out vibrations on rough pavement, cracks, and debris. We created something that gives you confidence in all types of terrain and is more fun to ride with a premium quality construction that provides a unique feel that makes cruising more fun!


155mm Bear Gen6 RKP trucks are commonly found on longboards, not cruisers. However, they bring a longer-board feel and ride to something a bit smaller. They provide a much more surfy and carvy turn and extra stability for going fast, in addition to added control over initiating and holding out those sides.


65mm 75a Moonwalkers from 88WheelCo are the perfect happy-medium between soft cruiser wheels that will eat up road imperfections and dampen vibrations and the ability to slide at any speed. With this setup, these wheels are perfect for slashing alleys, hills or any other downhill drifty sideways shenanigans you'll find yourself in throughout your cruise. 

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