Boosted Boards XR Battery - Refurbished + firmware upgrade

Boosted Boards XR Battery - Refurbished + firmware upgrade

$ 8331

Boosted Boards XR Batteries are notorious for the RLOD (Red Light of Death) error code which would cause the battery to stop working if a small cell imbalance occurred. With a surplus of “Bricked” batteries returned to boosted they had a technician rebalance all the cells and update the firmware to prevent the battery from experiencing RLOD symptoms.

What to expect:

  • balanced cells
  • updated firmware
  • used battery case

See more info here:
The firmware is 2.6.4 which indicates it is developer firmware as it is even numbered in the middle (even number in the middle indicates developer firmware). The developer firmware has warnings in it, but not RLOD as that is typically triggered when it was not actually needed thus bricking the battery. RLOD is still registered in the battery, but it will only indicate when needed due to neglect of the cells while being stored in poor conditons for extended periods of time. The simple issues of RLOD triggering when not needed have been resolved. This firmware was not publically released by boosted because it doesnt have lockout functions previously expected to be needed for consumer use which are now known to be not necessary.

Previously the firmware boosted had released had the lockout function known as RLOD which was triggered frequently, and 99% of the times it was triggered it wasn’t needed. This battery doesn’t do this, it will only trigger the 1% of the time it is needed.

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