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Angled Risers 1/2 inch sector 9

Angled Risers 1/2 inch sector 9

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Sector 9 half inch angled risers for adjusting the angle or degree that your truck site. 

Adding a wedged riser to a skateboard setup would depend on the riders specific preferences, riding style, and desired performance characteristics. Here are some reasons why one might suggest adding a wedge riser:

  1. Improved Maneuverability: If the rider desires sharper, more responsive turns and transitions, a wedged riser can enhance the board's maneuverability, making it easier to carve and navigate tight spaces.

  2. Enhanced Control: For riders seeking greater stability and control at higher speeds, a wedged riser can help achieve a balance between responsiveness and stability, allowing for confident riding even at faster velocities.

  3. Customization Options: Wedged risers come in various angles, providing an opportunity for customization. By experimenting with different angles, riders can fine-tune their setup to suit their individual preferences and riding style.

  4. Versatility: Adding a wedged riser can make a skateboard setup more versatile, allowing it to perform well in various riding conditions and terrains, from cruising around the city streets to tackling downhill slopes.

  5. Personal Preference: Ultimately, the decision to add a wedged riser comes down to personal preference. Some riders may simply enjoy the feel and responsiveness that a wedged setup offers, while others may not find it necessary for their style of riding.

Overall, suggesting the addition of a wedged riser to a skateboard setup would depend on the rider's goals, preferences, and the type of riding experience they aim to achieve.

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