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70mm 80a Seismic Urchin Crystal Blue

70mm 80a Seismic Urchin Crystal Blue

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The Seismic Urchins are an incredibly versatile freeride wheel that feels just as comfortable on a hill as it does pushing through the city. The blue Premium Clear™ formula offers fast rolling speeds and reliable grip, while still sliding comfortably and dumping thane at speed.


70mm tall x 44mm wide URCHIN Wheels
38mm running surface • Offset bearing seat • Radiused outside edge, beveled inside edge

• height and width perfectly balanced for modern all-around riding
• slide release that’s smooth, easy, comfortable, and predictable
• amazing in-slide feedback and control, bleeding just the right amount of speed
• secure, comfy hookup
• vibrant ‘thane lanes
• consistent wear

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