40" Merka Earth 2016 #SkateAndDIY
40" Merka Earth 2016 #SkateAndDIY
40" Merka Earth 2016 #SkateAndDIY

40" Merka Earth 2016 #SkateAndDIY


The Merka Earth is a 40" longboard that is low, stiff and stable. Pressed with a 1" dropped deck and cut with drop through truck mounts from 10 ply Canadian Maple. One of our best selling boards in store for all level riders including; begginers, everyday commuters and even high speeds. Represent our Toronto brand, Merka Boards by riding this sweet double drop deck.


This product is sold as deck only. You can add trucks, wheels, bearings, griptape and hardware separate or see the complete longboard session for a suggested setup.

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