105mm Boosted Boards 105’s
105mm Boosted Boards 105’s
105mm Boosted Boards 105’s
105mm Boosted Boards 105’s

105mm Boosted Boards 105’s

$245 $220

Boosted 105s feature Hollow Pour Technology, a custom urethane pouring process that we designed to form twelve hollow pockets on the inside surface of each wheel. These pockets give extra space for the soft urethane to flex and compress with the contours and bumps in the road, making the ride exceptionally smooth and allowing the wheels to maintain contact even on the roughest of roads.

* although the original boosted 105 kit is sold with extra pulleys - this item is for the wheels only and pulleys can be ordered separately*

The new Boosted stone grinding method means there is no need to wear in these wheels. From day one, they will have the same constant grip and performance as they will on day 100.


  • Wheel diameter: 105mm
  • Durometer: 72a
  • Contact patch: 65mm
  • Stone ground finish
  • Higher top speed
  • Hollow pour technology
  • 30% bigger than standard wheels
  • Designed for Boosted Boards
  • Maximum shock absorption
  • Consistent ride feel
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