Skate Basics (Private)

Ready to conquer the pavement on your own terms? This private longboarding basics lesson is designed to give you personalized instruction and accelerate your learning journey. We'll tailor the session to your specific goals, whether it's mastering balance, carving like a pro, or learning specific pushing techniques.

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Here's What You'll Learn:

1. Parts of the board

This includes learning the different parts of the skateboard/longboard (deck, trucks, wheels, bearings), how to adjust them (if applicable), and proper safety gear (helmet, pads).

2. Basic balance

This is the foundation of skateboarding/longboarding. You'll learn how to comfortably stand on the board, maintain good posture, and balance while stationary and rolling.

3. Turning

Once you've mastered balance, you'll learn how to turn the board by shifting your weight and leaning in the desired direction.

4. Pushing

This covers how to propel yourself forward using your foot on the ground. You'll learn proper foot placement and technique for efficient pushing.

5. Stopping

  1. Stopping: Learning how to safely slow down and stop is crucial. You'll explore different braking techniques involving dragging and tapping your foot on the ground.