Flatground Skateboard Lessons (Private)

Ready to unleash your inner shredder and conquer classic skateboard tricks? This private lesson is designed to give you personalized instruction and accelerate your mastery of fundamental skateboard maneuvers.

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Here's What You'll Learn:

1. Ollie Essentials

The Ollie is the cornerstone of many skateboard tricks. We'll break down the Ollie step-by-step, focusing on foot placement, popping the tail, and landing bolts-on (perfectly).

2. Getting Air

Learn how to comfortably jump off your board and control it in mid-air, preparing you for future tricks. This includes mastering the art of landing with both feet on the board.

3. Board Control Basics

Develop the skills to manipulate your board with precision. We'll cover techniques like flicking with your foot for flips and shuvits, as well as how to control the board during grinds and manuals.

4. Falling with Grace (and Safety)

Learning tricks involves falling. We'll teach you proper falling techniques to minimize injury and get you back on your board quickly.

5. Intro Trick Sampler

Get a taste of some iconic beginner tricks! We'll introduce you to the basic movements for tricks like the Kickflip, Shove-It, and Manual, building your confidence and trick vocabulary.