CHOOSE WISELY: Skateboard Art Show - May 3rd

CHOOSE WISELY: Skateboard Art Show - May 3rd

The longboard living brand started in 2008 by having boards painted by emerging artists in Toronto. Art and design are at the core of our brand and we always enjoy the opportunity to collaborate and create unique designs and work with the amazingly talented artists in Toronto. In 2014 we co-hosted the first edition of CHOOSE WISELY with Giles Monette and are excited to run it back!

Join us at It'sOK Gallery on May 3rd at 6pm to launch our CHOOSE WISELY V2!

“Choose Wisely” is a group exhibition of custom skate decks where every deck serves as a vehicle for the artist's unique aesthetic, personal narrative, and creative storytelling. Here, we've crafted a platform to celebrate and empower the talents shaping Toronto's vibrant artistic landscape.


Opening Reception

May 3rd 2024

6pm-12am 468 Queen st W

Show runs from May 3 - May 26





























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