Longboard Basics: How to PUSH!

Longboard Basics: How to PUSH!

How to push a longboard
Pushing a longboard may seem simple, but it's an essential skill that requires proper technique and practice. Pushing incorrectly can lead to instability and accidents, so it's essential to learn the right way to push. Here are some essential tips for pushing a longboard:

  1. Foot position: Stand facing the way you are going and on the side you push. Plant your front foot on a 45* angle just behind the front trucks, and your back foot should be on the ground.
  2. Body position: Lean slightly forward, and keep your weight over your front foot. Your back foot will become more mobile as it moves on and off the board to push and stop.
  3. Pushing technique: Push off with your back foot and then plant it on the back of the board with feet shoulder width apart. Make sure your heels and toes are not hanging off the board one more than the other - this will force your board to lean in either direction. When you are ready to push again start by squaring up your shoulders and hips forward then lift you back foot off the board to kick infant of you and push behind you. Use your arms to help with balance and momentum - align your opposite arm with opposite leg.
  4. Maintain speed: Once you gain some speed, put your back foot on the board and adjust your stance for a comfortable ride. Keep your weight over your front foot and steer with your back foot.

Remember to practice in a safe, open area until you feel comfortable and confident. Start slow and gradually increase your speed and difficulty as you become more proficient. With time and practice, you'll be pushing your longboard like a pro. Happy longboarding!

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