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Boosted Boards REV Scooter
Boosted Boards REV Scooter
Boosted Boards REV Scooter
Boosted Boards REV Scooter

Boosted Boards REV Scooter

$2299 $2145

0-20 in 4.1 sec

Boosted Rev can take you up to 24 mph with instant acceleration that helps you speed up to the flow of traffic. Its powertrain, with precision-tuned acceleration curves, create a seamless experience from the throttle down to the wheels. Change your mode to adjust performance and range, and get wherever you need to go without getting stuck in traffic.

City-shrinking range

Designed with the most advanced battery technology and firmware of any scooter on the market, Boosted Rev goes up to 22 miles on a single charge. Trust us, you’ll get tired before it does. With vehicle-grade, anti-propagation design, our battery is simply unmatched.

Power up any hill

Boosted Rev tackles steep 25% hills with ease while other scooters lag behind. Say hello to sweat-free commuting.

More motors, more power

It may seem counterintuitive, but when it comes to a lightweight electric vehicle, power equals safety. Boosted Rev’s 1500 W dual-wheel drive and proprietary powertrain give you the control and acceleration you need to react in changing traffic situations, and its best-in-class electric braking lets you handle steep hills or stop on a dime.

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