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Backfire Skateboards Mini

Backfire Skateboards Mini

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Backfire Mini uses aerospace grade carbon fiber as the deck material to reduce the weight as much as possible while ensuring the strength of the entire skateboard. The deep concave and double kicktail design allows you to make sharp turns and maneuver your way around quickly and easily. You can even do ollie and go down the steps with this nose kick.

Backfire Mini comes with a high efficiency battery system that is different from most electric skateboards on the market. And with Samsung 21700 40T battery, the Mini has a strong battery life. (Airbone battery is also available for purchase.)

The compact and portable Backfire Mini electric skateboard is equipped with two 450w hub motors that make this lightweight board full of power and reach 42km/h at top speed.

The R2x wireless remote control has a Turbo key that is pressed to gain 20% extra power during acceleration.

  • Fixed speed road cruise
  • Eco mode, Sport Mode, Turbo Mode
  • Board status display: mode, speed, range, battery, connection, odometer
  • Speed and range unit setting: miles or kilometres
  • Backfire Exclusive
Deck Grip Styles Black Grip
Wheels Four 85mm wheels
PU Tire Hardness 80A SHRAA
Truck MD 7 inch truck 50-DEGREE
Motors Two 450W In-Hub Motors
Battery 50.4V 175Wh
Range 15-18km / 9-11miles
Top Speed 42km/h / 26MPH
Hill Climbing Up to 25%
Weight 5.8kg/12.8lb
Dimensions 79*22.5cm 31*8.85inch
Charging Time 1.5 hours



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